About bake-a-boo

Welcome to Bake-a-boo blog. A blog devoted to baking and cake decorating.

I am Elina..mother, wife, and cake decorating addict.
I am currently living and baking in Auckland, New Zealand.
I have 2 beautiful boys and one very understanding hubby who doesn't mind a messy kitchen and minding the boys while I baked.

I've always been a baker but lost my passion for baking when I was diagnosed with type1 diabetes about 7 years ago. My passion returned when I made my son's 1st birthday cake.
"Everything in moderation" is what they say....I made this my motto in life and I don't let my condition discourage me from pursuing my passion.

Beside baking and cake decorating I also love cooking, painting, and photography. I graduated as Bachelor of Graphic Design and worked as Album Lay-out designer for 4 years. Currently I'm looking after my boys full-time and baking my way in the kitchen.
I am also doing a design freelance job...as if I'm not busy enough...but I just can not stay away from anything to do with design...anyway that's a whole other story :)

Baking is my life's little indulgence. This blog is a journal of my baking/cake decorating journey and life stories... I hope this could inspire you..just like how I was inspired with so many other beautiful blogs and life stories.

Happy baking and stay inspired!