Sunday, 30 October 2011

My birthday cake - Sugar free pink rainbow cake!

This pretty little cake is my birthday cake that I made for myself last week. It's a sugar free raspberry infused rainbow cake with cointreau cream. For the design I wanted something simple but with a little bit of surprise inside and with the cake..I wanted to make the best, the yummiest and the prettiest sugar free cake in the world. It was something that I've been thinking about a lot and being diabetic myself..I was so excited about this project.

So I planned to make a pink rainbow cake and I also wanted to go all natural...instead of using colouring, I made a home made natural colouring using raspberries.
It wasn't hard to make..actually I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it but it worked!
(see recipe below) mission to find and make the best sugar free cake has failed. Luckily the cointreau cream was super yummy and the cake didn't fail to look pretty :D

Here is a glimpse of the pink rainbow cake inside. As you can see the layers look like like pancake and taste like pancake..but since this is my cake and I am the one eating it..then it's ok! lol!

Originally I wanted to post the recipe here but since the cake failed big time..I will only put the cointreau cream recipe here.

Home made pink colouring:
12-15 fresh or frozen raspberries.

Mash the juice from the fresh or thawed frozen raspberries using a sieve.
Use the juice to create blush pink colour in your icing or cake batter.

Sugar free Cointreau cream:
(enough to cover 6" to 7" cake, depending on the height and layers)

2 cups/500ml of cream
1/4 cup of Splenda
1/2 tsp of clear gelatine powder (this will help to stabilize the cream)
1Tbsp of Cointreau
1 orange or lemon, grated zest only

Method: Whisk together cream, splenda and gelatine. Beat until stiff peaks form. Fold through the orange/lemon zest and Cointreau.

Enjoy and I promise when I found the perfect and yummiest sugar free cake recipes..I will post them here!

Happy baking and stay inspired!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Spring themed cake, mini cupcakes and cake pops

Howdy everybody! I am such in a good mood today!....This morning the weather is just beautiful, cloudy with a bit of kids are in their best behaviour...and also because today is my birthday! Yes today I am officially 33 years old! and yes I am making my own birthday cake. It sounds a little sad I know but I have been wanting to make a diabetic friendly birthday cake. 
It's a little project that I've been thinking a lot about it. So watch this space..I will post something soon!

Okay enough about me, let's talk about these scrumptious cakes. Last week was one of my busiest moments ever. A friend of mine asked me to make her 21st birthday cake and I was so excited about it. It was one of those "aaw" moments..I knew her since she was like 11 years old...the last time I saw her I think she was about 15 years old and I haven't seen her since. So when she contacted me and told me that she was turning 21, I just couldn't believe it. Has it been that long? my goodness..time sure flies!

Beside the cake, she also asked me to make four other dessert for her dessert table. After few discussion we decided to go with Oreo cake pops, red velvet mini cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting, lemon tarts and blueberry cheesecake brownies.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take photos of the brownies and lemon tarts. They got pick up before I got a chance to take the shots!

The party theme was light yellow with dark purple. So I tried to incorporate those colours into the cake design and the rest of the dessert as well. I was quite happy with the final result..but as always there were few things that could be better. Oh well.. got to learn to accept what I could not change hehe

Have a great rest of the week all and...Happy birthday to me!

Happy baking!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Princess Belle cake


Oh who doesn't love this princess? I love princess Belle! number one princess is Cinderella but I also love Belle! She is not just beautiful but she is also intelligent and kind.
So when I was asked to make Princess Belle theme cake I was so excited!

With this cake design, I knew that I wanted to do something that very girly, princessy and also simple because I wanted princess Belle herself to shine. After all she is the star of the cake :)
And also thinking about her character as the cake topper...I didn't want to make her that look exactly like Belle in the movie. I wanted to do a cuter version of Belle and so I did :)
What do you think? Good I hope! ha ha

Again, Happy 5th birthday Caitlyn! Thanks for letting me made your cake!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mickey Mouse cake, Mad scientist cake and another Lighting McQueen cakes

Mickey Mouse theme cake

This super cute Mickey mouse cake if for a boy who turned 2 last week.
I love everything about this cake, I specially love the look of the Mickey mouse..( I was worried if Mickey would turn out not like Mickey but a mouse ha ha ha )

Mad scientist cake

I also had the opportunity to make this interesting cake, Mad Scientist theme cake. I had quite a few challenges in making this cake. Usually I would make the top part using RKT (rice krispies treat), however my friend who ordered the cake wanted to have it all in cake and I was braved enough to make it out of cake.

Everything went well until when I started to stack the cake together. 5 min after I stacked the cakes up...I was horrified to see a crack on the back side of the cake!
and yup..I have forgotten one crucial part...cake supports! I didn't put any cake supports! How on earth would I forget about that..I just don't know. Anyway cut the story short, I managed to fix it..pheew thank God! Lesson learned and I will not forget about putting any support ever again! haha

Lighting McQueen cake

Lastly, I made another Lighting McQueen car cake for a boy name Joshua, who also turned 3 last week.

That's all from me this week...gotta go back  to my kitchen and make more cakes :)
I will update with more cakes and stories soon!
Have a great long weekend to all New Zealanders!